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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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My only real gripe with the 2002 film was Gwen should've been the first girlfriend and organic web shooters. Those are more "how is it as an adaptation" than "does the story work" type complaint.
The Raimi film has tons more heart and believability in the first hour than TASM does.
You buy into the Uncle Ben/Peter aspect way, way more than what Webb did for starters.
I didn't"t mind the organic web shooters. But I agree that it should have been Gwen first rather than MJ. I recall a comment that they went with MJ because supposedly more people were familiar with her. Still it worked well enough for what it was.
I should've also said I missed not having any purple on Green Goblin but DaFoe brought the maniacal side out so well I accepted it. I had hoped that for Spidey 3 Harry would add the purple to it and they would move it more towards "right", instead we got the flying snowboard X Games attired look.
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