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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Seems like quite a few don't like Raimi's Spider-Man. I thought Raimi's first Spider-Man was done quite well. 2 was brilliant. 3 was meh but I still enjoyed it more than ASM. Spider-Man released in 2002 was a game changer for comic book movies, it was a step up to something else moving away from what was done in Batman and Superman films. ASM is just another comic book movie.
I believe exactly what you believe, only the opposite.

The first Raimi film was incredibly cheesy, with a villain who resembled a Power Ranger more than the Green Goblin. However, it showed promise. Two was much better. Three was easily the dullest and most convoluted of the three. ASM was consistently entertaining, in my opinion, and had much more heart than the tired display Spider-Man 3 ended up being.
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