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Re: 2012/2013 Video Game releases anticipation thread

Final Fantasy's my favorite series and Metal Gear is close, but I'm not really looking forward to either XIII-3 or Rising. XIII and, from watching someone else play XIII-2, really aren't my cup of tea, nor does Platinum Games really sell me when it comes to storytelling, and I play Metal Gear primarily for its storytelling prowess. I do look forward to the far-off MGS5, however, as Hideo Kojima has officially announced it's under development with his shiny new Fox Engine.

As far as big, giant anticipation is concerned, there's really precious little on the horizon for me right now. I'm awaiting games like Mario and whatnot, but they're not the sort of thing that really gets me going. I have a lot of games I still need to play, though, like Red Dead Redemption, Fallout: New Vegas and, well, I need to replay Skyrim now that I have a gaming PC. I also need to finish Xenoblade and start up Uncharted 3, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations, and finish my file on Lost Odyssey.

But yeah, as far as the horizon is concerned? Nothing I'm aware of, just hook me up with another Mass Effect sometime and I'm good for a while.

Versus XIII... I have serious doubts, but I'll save the rant. I will pick it up, though, most likely. Tetsuya Nomura knows how to make great gameplay if nothing else, even though I'm more into stories with FF as well.
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