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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

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If you were incharge, what would be in your trek series? When would it be set. Where would it be set?

I myself would enjoy eigther a "third generation" series where they can travel in time. Instead of "space, the final frontier", it'd be "time, the final frontier". For some reason, I love the trek episodes where they travel back in time, or something like there, but hate the doctor who episodes when they go back in time. And as for the cast, I'd go for one of two options.
So why don't you like the episodes when DW travels back in time? After all the premise of the show is about a mad man in a blue box who travels through time and space defeating evil.

Some of the more popular episodes of the current run of DW have been travel into the past.

"The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances"
"The Girl in the Fireplace"

Or why do you like ST episodes that travel into the past?

Is the era ST travels to? The area they travel to i.e 1996 LA?
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