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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Have you ever considered that Sam took a dive?

He made such an awful number 3 intentionally so that they'd stop asking him to make Spider-Man movies?
I don't think so. First off, nobody in Hollywood intentionally harms their own career. Second, despite not being loved by fans, the movie was still a huge hit! If Raimi wanted the film to bomb, he certainly failed.

I think he simply thought he could make a movie that successfully juggled three villain plots with dance numbers and actors demanding musical numbers and other goofy shit. In other words, Raimi isn't a movie God. He's an above average film maker who struck gold with the first Spider-Man, but like many film makers couldn't make lightning strike twice.

What I feel he should have done is, when the studio demanded Venom be put in the film is show some artistic integrity and backbone and said NO. What were they going to do? Fire him?

Either that, or make Spider-Man 3 a Venom story and hold Sandman until a fourth film. I think he fell in the same trap nearly every superhero franchise goes into when they feel that sequels need to be bigger and include more and more action and plots when people just want a good movie with a good story.
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