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Re: 3 more TOS novels added to S&S catalog for 2013

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But standalone books can be consistent with each other and maybe include subtle nods to each other if the authors choose to coordinate them, as Greg and I did with The Rings of Time and Forgotten History. Interconnectedness doesn't have to mean full-blown serialization; it can be far more subtle.
Good point. I was assuming that Relayer1 was looking for something more substantial, but you're right, things like those, or even the early 80s shared TOS continuity, show that there can be novels that are consistent but not tightly bound like most 24th century novels are nowadays.
To be honest, anything that makes the TOS era richer and more coherent makes me happy. Although it's not my favourite era (apart from Vanguard), I'm fairly well represented as wanting the post Vanguard 23rd Century to be handled more like the 24th.

Christopher's stuff has interconnectedness all the way through, joining dots where I sometimes hadn't even seen the dots, let alone the join ! It doesn't always have to be that way however - That Which Divides certainly had some links and so do some of the other stand alones, without beating you over the head with it. Conversely, Troublesome Minds was really too isolated for my taste.

Given a choice re the original crew I'd prefer more TMP era stuff too...
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