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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I'm not surprised by that. Spider-Man 3 left a bad taste in many peoples mouths so a bit of franchise rebuilding is in order.
It's interestig that some people loathe Rami's original, which I thought was note perfect. I suspect that my feelings are because I stopped reading Spiderman in the 70s so Rami's vision tied into that era. Perhaps modern readers of the comics relate more to the less cheesy stories of the modern comics?

Ironically, if they had adopted the more sombre tone of ASM in S3, it would have worked far better.

If MJ had said - you're a jerk get lost instead of applying the reset button at the end, it would have left more fertile ground for S4, much as they did in the teaser scene in ASM. Likewise, if Venom's creation had been the finale of S4, it would have left people more hungry for a sequel to see the proper showdown that he deserved (maybe even involving Carnage too). I think this is what Rami wanted to do but the producers pressured him to capitalise on Venom right now.

MJ's departure would also have left the field open for Gwen to have a bigger role in S4, possibly leading to her ultimate fate in S5 at the hands of the Hobgoblin, perhaps making way for the Black Cat in S5 and/or S6.

Rumour is that Rami favoured the Vulture for S4 and the producers weren't happy with that. Vulture would be an odd choice but no more a second fiddle villain than Scarecrow was in Batman I suppose.
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