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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

IMO, Nemesis is absolutely the worst Trek movie. It's mere existence personally offends me. Finally, the Romulans get center stage...

...and are IMMEDIATELY upstaged by the clone - Kid Picard - and his oogly-boogly henchmen, the Nosferatu-looking Remans, NEITHER of which are believable as aspects of the Romulan Empire. The writers basically made the Romulans out as idiots in this film (what Romulan in his right mind would follow a HUMAN clone or even a group of slaves, never mind arming them?) and the TNG cast are about as interesting as background props in a TOS episode.

Dune buggies
Another Data
Young Picard being bald and into married cougars (Troi)
Dumb bad-guy designs
Ugly Reman ship
New Romulan ship looks more like a Klink-Romulan hybrid
Bad guy wants to destroy earth for NO reason
Troi mind-rape
Worf back on the ship for no reason
Data's sacrifice being moot
Silly fight/battle scenes

I'd rather watch STV once a day for the rest of my life than watch Nemesis one more time, all the way through, and that's saying a lot. Now lemme tell you how I really feel...

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