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I just hope, when they trade Dempster (and they will after 5 more scoreless innings today), that they don't bring Volstad back up to take his place on the roster.
Volstad's still on the major league roster. Once they dump either Garza or Dempster, I imagine they'll call up Alberto Cabrera and give him some innings as the fifth starter. I'm not sure when that will happen, though: The Braves were reportedly going hard after Garza, and the response from Epstein and Hoyer was that they could have him for a box of baseballs as long as they took Soriano, too.
Volstad was optioned to AAA-Iowa. I don't think that he's still on the major league roster, but what do I know?

As far as the Garza/Soriano idea, if it means they don't have to pay for Sori's remaining contract, it might be acceptable.
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