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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I really enjoyed the game from Feb 2010 up until Season 4: Misfire. Not only did Cryptic change up ground weapons and kit abilities (I found out later this effected my ground PvP to the extent it made it thoroughly unenjoyable,) but they also implemented the ridiculous ques for Fleet Actions.

Somehow that last change completely effed up my game, as any and ALL of my (20) characters who were in (my own) fleets became unaccessable. Anything and everything that is team/fleet related - even a request - sends my comp into a system crash.

So for a while I was able to play non-fleeted characters, then whatever maintenance they did in mid January just completely sealed the coffin, and all characters send the comp to the "blue screen of DEATH." Tried multiple times to get help in the forums and with tickets, but got no help, or bot tickets saying my comp was the problem. Oddly enough, Champions Online works fine. At one point, Storm Shade claimed he'd look into, but that was about 1 year ago this month.

You do the math.

So yeah, basically I went from loyal fanboy to disgruntled troll in a matter of days. I really do miss the game. It was my first MMO, the PvP matches were amazing and I had hours of fun playing it. Too bad it's just a memory now, but like Kirk says...c'est la vie...
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