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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I totally lucked out today! After finding Rainbow Dash (and Applejack) at a Kroger yesterday, I figured it would be a while before I could get the rest of the Mane Six. Well, I got 3 steps closer today! While I was at a Family Dollar picking up a few things for dinner, I walked past the toy aisle and saw a bunch of MLP toys marked down. While most of the ponies were ones I'd never heard of, I did catch these:

Now all I need is Fluttershy and I'll have the Mane Six! YAY!
Some of you may think "you can get these anywhere!", and in many places, I'm sure you can. Where I live, though, it is very difficult to find the Mane Six (well, okay, you can find lots of Rarity, oddly enough). So this is just too cool for me!
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