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I like how secretive she is. She hides her vulnerabilities,
I think I know what you mean here and to an extent I agree, but the irony is that not being able to hide her vulnerabilities is one of the things that defined the character. Jolene, who I do think was somewhat limited as an actor, was able to present this aspect of T'Pol so realistically that it caused me to start liking T'pol towards the end of season 2, and loving the character by season 4.

There was something about this otherwise self reliant and strong character who so often appeared to need a "hug", that just broke me down.

Starting with Strange New World and then The Andorian Incident, Fusion, and Breaking the Ice, continuing to season 2 with Carbon Creek (T'Mir/T'Pol), The Seventh, leading into all of season 3, we are shown that T'Pol, even more than Spock, was quite vulnerable and just that more likable as a character.

As Trip so eloquently put it, "She does kinda grow on ya."

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