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Re: Farscape... I am liking this series...

The weirdest thing for me regarding objections to Farscape's puppets is simply how universally Yoda is beloved.
Not universally, but the complaints I've heard generally focus on the CGI version of the prequels. Everyone loves the muppet.

That could work for us, that is, fans of the original Farscape, but surely by this point if they were reviving Farscape they'd want to also appeal to people who've never seen the show.
A family living in space, with Dad being an astronaut and Mom being an alien warrior woman, has just as much chance of being appealing as any premise I could think of. You wouldn't need to know how the heck Dad got out there, other than, "he got lost." The family is just the group around which adventures occur, just like the escaped prisoners were the group in the original premise. It's an excuse to throw people together.
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