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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Bunch of books - they're in the other room and I really don't feel like going and looking at them. I know I got Sean Astin's There and Back Again: An Actor's Journey and a bunch of YA fiction and fantasy.

Also got a bunch of CDs. Thrift stores are fun! Why spend $.99 a track when you can get the whole album for a couple bucks if you just wait long enough? I've been building white a library of discs (according to my inventory app, I have 669 CDs at the moment). Yesterday's haul:
  • Celine Dion - 1 fille & 4 types
  • Michael O'Neal Singers - Sacred Sounds of John Rutter
  • Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra - The Legendary Sides
  • Shrek: The Motion Picture Score
  • Lena Horne - Being Myself
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Dirty Boogie
  • Gloria Estefan - Christmas Through Your Eyes
  • Amici Forever - Defined
  • Peter Gabriel - Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats
  • Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (LOVE this album!)
  • Jackie Evancho - O Holy Night
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