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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Because the actors contract calls for "x" amount of face time. I'm guessing. Otherwise why would this happen so often.
They do it because they want to show the actor's face as much as possible. That's well-established (Mark Steven Johnson even talked about how, when making Daredevil, executives told him they didn't think he should be wearing a mask, because it made no sense to hire Ben Affleck and then hide his face).
sonak wrote: View Post
I don't know that it was necessary for him to take off his mask to save the kid. Why not just persuade him verbally that he's just a regular guy, or tell a joke, or try something other than just taking his mask off?
It was presented as necessary in-universe. Maybe something else might have worked, but it was a tense situation on a pretty tight clock (the "persuasion" one, in particular, would have taken longer in all likelihood).
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