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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

I saw it in 3-D this week and really enjoyed the film.
I think the 3-D only added a lot to about 20% of the film. Maybe I'll see it again at the cinema in 2-D.
The production design and spacesuits, ships, transport machines were great. The autonomous flying mapping machines were awesome. Great technology that we almost have today with drones flying with MS Kinect strapped to them to map an interior autonomously. Great 3-D model they created.
All the visual effects were state of the art and amazing. Great scifi on the big screen. finally. it's been a long time. I'm glad it wasn't all lasers and guns and shooting.
Iceland made a great planet location.

Very modern and not too much throwback to tech of Alien film on the ship itself.

I thought I saw LV-422 on the view screen when I thought in Alien and Aliens the planet colony was LV-426. Did anyone else notice this?
Noomi Rapace was the real standout. Just an amazing performance. Ridley Scott was generous with her screentime. Charlize Theron was great as well but given much less screentime. Still she made good use of it.

Great Fassbender as the android. Reminded me of Moon for the first 10 minutes of the film.
Here's a great 2 minute video of how they did the ship landing sequence

Do I need to see it in 3-D again? no. do i need to see another 20 minutes of deleted scenes for a director's cut? sure. Will I buy the blu-ray? Probably.

Edit: i see it's actually LV-223

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