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Re: Farscape... I am liking this series...

There's another thread right now postulating about a remake of Babylon 5, but of all the possibilities out there, I think Farscape has the most going for it. The TV market has fundamentally changed so much in the past ten years that the "narrowness" of the show's appeal is now an advantage, on cable.

If any cable channel wants a sci fi version of Game of Thrones (in terms of color, intrigue, weirdness and adult themes), Farscape is the property that would best lend itself to being shaped in that direction. I'm thinking HBO, Showtime, Starz, AMC or FX a lot more than SyFy. FX in particular, with their male-skewing audience, should being doing more sci fi.

Henson could continue the storyline with Crichton, Aeryn and lil D, with everyone aged about ten years (just right for the kid to be a full fledged character now), still interacting with the same menagerie of species and empires. The other major characters (who are still alive) could have recurring roles as needed, with new ones added into the mix.
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