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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Isn't Spidey a little too casual with his identity, though? He reveals his face to a kid who's DEFINITELY old enough to remember and describe it. He lets Gwen know. He LEAVES A CAMERA WITH HIS NAME ON IT when he's fighting as Spider-Man. Then he gets captured and discovered by Stacy's dad.
Taking the mask off was necessary to save the kid, and nobody knows the kid knows what he looks like.

I don't mind the ID stuff. The secret identity is, in a lot of cases, a formula that kept getting included in the comics because Superman had one and everybody was mimicking his basic story setup, and kept it up even in many instances where it doesn't make much sense (one of the things I most like about the Marvel Studios films is their willingness to modernize and dispense with the characters' totally useless secret identities). If Peter trusts Gwen (or his aunt, etc.), there's no reason for him to make a big secret out of it.

I don't know that it was necessary for him to take off his mask to save the kid. Why not just persuade him verbally that he's just a regular guy, or tell a joke, or try something other than just taking his mask off?
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