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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Ted - free admission
The Amazing Spider-Man 3D - free admission
Powder Blue - DVD
Crazy, Stupid Love - HBO
To Rome With Love - free admission
The Do Deca Pentathlon - free admission

Back when PB was comin' out, I was still at the Hilton, and my boss there was loosin' his mind over the idea of Jessica Biel as a stripper. Picked up the DVD for $3 at Big Lots! and was still disappointed with the movie, and not just 'cause of her character. It was just a bad movie all the way around...

Caught CSL on cable before work yesterday mornin'...pretty funny, not great, though. I was glad it ended before I had to start gettin' ready, 'cause no way I'd rent it just to see that endin'.

Came to my theater to see the latest from Woody Allen...I liked Alec Baldwin, and Penelope Cruz was fun to look at, but other than that, I'm glad I got in for free.

Hangin' out now, waitin' to see The Do-Deca Pentathlon before my shift tonight...

- edit, to add -

Well, that was probably the best of the last few movies, I've seen.
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