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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Christopher wrote: View Post
^I don't recall A Singular Destiny leading into VGR in any way, and it has virtually no connection to TTN. And Losing the Peace was the first post-Destiny TNG book; I don't recall the TNG cast being in ASD. So I think it would be perfectly accurate to say that ASD is the beginning of, or at least the prologue to, the Typhon Pact series. After all, it is the book that introduced the Pact.
From what I recall, the plotline of B'Ellana and Miral "dying" was set up in ASD (one of the "report" sections).

As for TTN and TNG, IIRC they referenced the Voyager/Full Circle fleet (TTN - your very own Over a Torrent Sea) and the TP (the end / epilogue of Losing the Peace?)

But I see your point, Christopher - ASD and the recent duology can be seen as the beginning and end of an arc, at least IMO.
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