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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

davejames wrote: View Post
People keep saying that, but other than the car thief scene I don't remember a whole lot of wisecracking going on.

In fact I just rewatched the first Raimi movie and I thought there was just as much joking around in that one:
In the first film, yes. I don't remember as much in the others. However, it could be because I thought McGuire's delivery was terrible.

Gaith wrote: View Post
New Rule: Anyone who pays to see ASM in theaters is not allowed to complain about there being too many reboots.
Uh huh. Sure.

I personally don't care about remakes/reboots. They don't bother me, unless they are done terribly. I thought ASM was made by people who clearly cared about making a decent film, even if it wasn't with the same passion as the first film.

Either way, superhero films are exempt from criticism regarding remakes because they are all adaptations of another medium, and are constantly being remade. Complaining about this film being a remake says to me that someone thinks that Raimi created Spider-Man in 2001, which is stupid beyond words... but not terribly surprising.

The only remakes that upset me are ones that nobody asked for based on movies that may have a cult following, but no wide appeal. Like Total Recall. Or Robocop.

Next summer I'm looking forward to a remake of Enemy Mine starring Shia Lebeuf followed by a remake of The Last Starfighter where the arcade game is replaced by some gimmicky hologram VR bullshit Hollywood thinks needs to be in every scifi film.
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