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Re: 3 more TOS novels added to S&S catalog for 2013

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I just hope there's a little 'interconnectedness' being planned into the 23rd Century stuff...
They wouldn't do that with this batch - these are meant to be the "movie tie-ins", and building in interconnectedness would just be shooting themselves in the foot.
For the record, that's not any sort of official editorial policy. I certainly didn't receive any instructions along those lines. Nobody told me to avoid "interconnectedness" because of the movie or any other reason. I submitted a proposal. It got approved, with the usual tweaks, and that was that.

At no point was the subject of "connectivity" ever discussed.

In fact, I'm the one who pitched another standalone TOS book like Rings of Time, simply because I'd just finished watching all three seasons of the original series again and was inspired to write some more classic TOS.

As I've mentioned before, people tend to overestimate the amount of "showrunning" involved. It was not like I got any sort of directives telling me what kind of book to write. Sometimes it's just a case of some pushy author saying "I'm really in a mood to write TOS right now . . . "

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