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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I have to say that I'm heartily sick of reboots already. Recast, move on, whatever, you just don't need to keep hitting the reset button. Batman, Daredevil, Superman and Co. take note.
New Rule: Anyone who pays to see ASM in theaters is not allowed to complain about there being too many reboots.

This movie was a reboot. This was never a secret; the ads even played it up to the general population.

When you pay to see a movie, you cast a vote for more movies like it, regardless of what you then think of the movie, because either way, they studio's been paid.

For anyone who doesn't want to see Spidey rebooted only a decade after SM1, I have a brilliant, mind-bending strategy: don't see it!

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Having said that, although it wasn't perfect (you can nitpick for ever and a day regarding adherence to the source material) it really worked and was head and shoulders better than even the best of the Raimi's films.
So you paid to see a reboot you knew was a reboot, and rather liked it regardless?

Way to make the studios "take note" not to do any more reboots.
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