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^The same way you move anything: Leverage, torque and the appropriate application of force.

I'm sure if aliens did visit, they would have had better things to do with their time than move rocks around for the crazy bald ape people.
I can't see how you can lift a 80 tonnes rock with a wooden leverage with out it breaking in to peaces.

We are talking about simple wood here, right?

Legion, i am just trying to understand. If you have some knowledge on how they did it, i would very much like to read about it as well.
Multiple levers, digging pits under it, earthen banks and ramps, A-frames, greased logs, leather and sinew, and lots of guys spreading the load at the same time...

Remember that wood has give, and compressability, which, when used correctly, means it won't break if you've set it all up right.

But if you really think it needs alien technology to move multi-ton stones... You'd be wrong. Here's one guy doing it with sticks and stones. He's not an alien.

Now, imagine there's a couple of hundred guys on the building site...
It does make some sense to me, an uneducated persone. I saw that video sometime ago, and was impressed by his techniques. But i couldn't help thinking that wood, he used, can only hold so much force applied to it befor it breaks. Because every wood breaks, if you applie enough force to it.
And i also saw he was spining thouse blocks on a very polished ground to reduce the friction force. And i think they missed one important part there: how he got that 19000 pound block on top of that wooden structure.

But it does feels like an alien technologies, in a way that its alien to us. Its good that we had Pyramids to try to rediscover it. But i wonder how much else is out there hidden, forgotten, alien to us?

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