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And the laws of physics say they pretty much can damn well stay out there.

While the laws of common sense say they'd have no reason to come here when they don't know there's a here to come to...
I think the real reason we haven't seen any proof of aliens is going to be much more interesting than either of those statements.
Um, I doubt it. Really, I doubt it. Space is just *so* damn big, you see, that that damn lightspeed limit buggers everything up...
But the speed of light is not a catch all limit to interstellar travel. Heck, we're only a couple centuries away from being able to build craft that can do significant percentages of c. Couple that with a race that has a naturally longer life and they could pretty easily start exploring the stars. I'm not saying they are anywhere near us, or interested in us if they do know we are here, but I don't think the speed of light is the ultimate "no" to expansion beyond a solar system.
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