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Re: True or False: Dear Dr. is most morally bankrupt trek episode evar

People like Martin Luther King and Ghandi fought non-violently and paid for it with their lives. Few people are willing to put their lives on the line.
But we are not talking about the real world where non-violent struggle is totally valid, we are talking about enforcing universal ethics everywhere. You tell me how to liberate a world which is occupied by the Klingons except with force.

As I said, you might talk about universal ethics but you do not really advocate that Feds ignore the Prime Directive and actually do what you talk about, implement universal ethics everywhere.

Let's get back to Bill's example of arranged marriage. Obviously it is a violation of human rights, a child is forced to later marry a person against his or her will. You claim that human rights are universal in space so the Vulcans violate these universal rights. Yet they are still not merely in the Federation but actually a founding member.
Your view simply runs counter to what we actually see in Trek. I would totally agree with you if we talk about real-world issues, human rights are universal, but in the fictional world of Trek where different species live together we cannot proclaim that our absolute values apply for other lifeforms. For Vulcans their orthodoxy is an absolute as it a safeguard against reversing to the savage ways. People like Spock show that it might be too rigid but it is not our place to tell them to change and get rid of stupid rituals like arranged marriage.
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