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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

As someone who felt luke warm on all three Rami movies, I felt lukewarm on this one as well. The action scenes were cool, but there were hardly any and it was 2h15m long. Spider-Man had a sense of humor, thank god. Garfield was a much better pick than Maguire.

But the Lizard did not look good. No snout? No white lab coat? A silly nit perhaps but that's what makes him look cool. Otherwise he's just a dinosaur monster.

And he doesn't become Spider-Man for an hour into the movie? I just saw this origin story ten years ago, and it didn't rivet me to the screen then, either. Some origins, like Batman's, are epic enough to sustain interest, but Spidey's is just a teen soap opera.
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