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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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...this film has structural and pacing issues that make it less than desirable. Things happen in the film just to move the story along. It does not feel like sequences move in a fluid manner from one to the other...
Some of it's due to starting the sequels now, some due to repeating itself rather than moving on and some is due to arbitrary motivations. But, agree.

...The lack of Curt Connors family in the movie is a sad omission. Connors having the family is what largely separates him from being just another scientist gone gonzo. ...
He was always evil, having assisted in murdering the Parkers, for, apparently, no reason at all. Pretending to be outraged at the prospect of secretly testing unsuspecting patients makes no sense. And for my part, Rhys Ifans failed completely at coping with a poorly written character.

...Keeping in mind when you watch a film of certain types you have to suspend some logic. However, certain things still have to make sense. Like I get peoples issue with Black Widow and her 9mm as a point. Likewise, in this film there is no way, none at all, that a high school intern(police chiefs daughter or not) has access to lab equipment not only after hours BUT has codes to various equipment. If she did they would be tied to time access....
The film's inane insistence on doubling everything meant that Gwen couldn't just be a girl at school but had to be part of the action plot, no matter how much it stresses willing suspension of disbelief.

Peter's webbing. So is it Oscorp micro filament or did you make it? We see him opening and experimenting with cases he ordered AND he tells the car thief "it's something I created", so which is it? If a bunch of Oscorp, commercially available micro filament is out there it doesn't take the dark knight to figure out where large quantities are going that don't match a user profile for the stuff. Also, why aren't the cops using this as well? Screw tasers....
That one I can help with. Peter lied to May about the fight, Peter lied to Connors about creating the equation, Peter lied to the clerk about the internship, Peter just lies.

The all to convenient "NY loves you Spider-man" moment....
I still like the sequence but it was remarkably clumsy how they set it up. C. Thomas Howell talked about one crane operator, but there were what, four? It's like Marc Webb didn't understand any of the dialogue.

...The fight at the high school served what end? At one point did Connors go vendetta crazy?...
A snatch of dialogue stated he was going to stop Peter. Cornering him at home would have been a lot smarter than going after him in a high school. What really needs explaining is how the hell the Lizard managed to walk in and find Peter so quickly.

Hell, as the Lizard he was trying to stop Osborne's stooge from doing random tests at the VA for crying out loud. Then 45 minutes later he suddenly wants to turn NYC into one big Lizard Lounge? WTF??
I think they meant for Connors to break down and pre-empt the stooge from random secret testing by taking it himself. Then after his instant psychosis he went after the stooge to keep the stooge from locking him out of his lab. Except the stooge survives, but, in contradiction to the dialogue earlier, does nothing, not random testing, not taking Connors' "toys" away from him. Again, it's like the director doesn't understand the dialogue.

...Dennis Leary stole every scene he was in during the film. Him dying is a true comic element and I hated seeing him go so soon.
Most of what you said is quite true, but I have to admit I don't agree about Leary stealing scenes: They were given to him by the script, they were about him doing a slow burn prick for the teenies to hate on. But if his dying was intentionally comic, it's news to me. It's true that he was pretty painfree (where did they hide the morphine drip?) And it's true that the old I'll die when I give up and close my eyes visual trope is so old that it's been neglected for years and years. But they didn't intend for the scene to have any humor in it. Giving up Emma Stone was supposed to be tragic, even if Stacy dying wasn't. Old farts should die, especially when they get in the way of hooking up.

About Emma, yes, she's pretty (though we still didn't need it announced, much less announced twice.) But the line "I'm 17" took me straight out of the movie for a moment. She was overdressed for a high school student and overdressed for an intern in a working lab, which is not the same as an office.
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