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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Well, my $0.02.

Initially, I was skeptical, thinking that a "reboot" this soon after the previous trilogy was pushing it. To my surprise, I liked it. A lot. More than any of the previous three, except for Spider-Man 2, which I think is in the top 5 of comic book movies anyway.

Garfield makes a good Peter Parker. Martin Sheen makes a terrific Uncle Ben. I liked that they changed up the origin story to make it seem fresh. The battle scenes with the Lizard and Spider-Man were much less cartoony than the effects of the original movies. Pretty neat to see what almost a decade of CGI improvements will get you.

Isn't Spidey a little too casual with his identity, though? He reveals his face to a kid who's DEFINITELY old enough to remember and describe it. He lets Gwen know. He LEAVES A CAMERA WITH HIS NAME ON IT when he's fighting as Spider-Man. Then he gets captured and discovered by Stacy's dad.

Over half the main characters in this movie knew his identity by the end it seemed like. I'm surprised Flash Thompson wasn't told.
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