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Speaking of 1960s companion exits, whatever happened to Vicki, Sara Kingdom, Ben, Polly, & Victoria?
Became Cressida, died, went home, went home, got adopted by a 1970s family. Poor Victoria's the only classic companion residing on modern Earth that didn't get a namecheck in The Sarah Jane Adventures: "Death of the Doctor."
That could be because of Sarah (and the Brigadier)'s 1990s dealings with Victoria in the spin-off video Downtime. Aside from any resulting bad feelings, the way Victoria slips away at the end implies she might be hiding out from them.

Oh, and Dodo didn't get a mention either (unless she's the Dorothy running the ACE foundation, by some bizarre coincidence, because the DWM comics are right about Ace being dead. Though it could be that the book You Killed Kennedy's right and Dodo's dead).
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