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Re: 3 more TOS novels added to S&S catalog for 2013

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Hm.... A total of 4 TOS novels is perhaps a bit heavy, but then again, this year it's mostly 24th century.
Actually it seems to be a recurring pattern these days to split the year between a cluster of 23rd-century books and a cluster of 24th-century books. In 2010 we had TOS in January, March, and April, were supposed to have the Abramsverse novels in the middle third of the year, and had Typhon Pact in the last third. In 2011 we had 24th-century stuff from March through May, then Vanguard and TOS from June to September. And this year we've had TOS-era books from January through April and 24th-century books the rest of the year. So if 2013 is heavy with TOS books in the first half of the year, we might see a lot of 24th-century stuff in the back half if the pattern holds.
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