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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

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Steven's departure in "The Savages" no longer exists but Peter Purves talks about it a little bit in the Season 3 overview documentary included as a bonus feature on the DVD of "The Gunfighters."
8mm footage exists of his departure. It's not the complete scene but has Steven saying he'll stay, Dodo crying like a baby and the Doctor being upset.

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I've wondered about this myself. I mean, didn't the last known copies of "The Traitors" & "The Tenth Planet, Part 4" mysteriously go missing from the Blue Peter offices shortly after clips of them were edited into a Blue Peter episode commemorating Doctor Who's 10th season?
The Traitors, likely yes. The Tenth Planet 4, no. The Tenth Planet was still being offered for sale in 1974 (AKA the following year) so the negatives still existed at this stage. The 'myth' about the episode going missing snowballed into a legend, especially given the episode in question.
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