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In particular I think she has really beautiful eyes. That's hands down my favorite physical attribute of Jolene's.

I think her ability to communicate all or those subtle emotions with her eyes really brought T'pol to life.
Well put Commander Mel. Those beautiful eyes peeking over a cup of tea. J'adore T'Pol. And on the character traits I would say her loyalty to her friends is what stands out for me.

Do you have a picture for every situation involving T'pol? lol.
Good point about her being so loyal. That's another great trait of hers.

Fantastic picture.
For a really good look at Jolene not as T'Pol. I might suggest "Diamond Hunters". It was made either during or right before Enterprise's first season. She plays the lead's girlfriend and you see most everything right down to the masking tape over her bits-not-to-be-seen. Otherwise the movie is horrible.
Another Jolene flick has popped up in my Netflix suggestions. Off to go watch it.
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