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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hello everyone. I might not call myself a trekkie, as I am into sci-fi genre in general, not just Star Trek (and I've been a sci-fi reader for as long as I was able to read - read my first Jules Verne at the age of 7). Until about a month ago, I didn't touched a ST novel, but now I started on them.
I'm a fan of both TOS and Enterprise series, but not that much into TNG. DS9 and Voy, I admit I watched too little, but I might get on with them at some point.
The movies, I enjoyed, except for the first, the fifth and the ones that came after First Contact. Nemesis was simply terrible IMO.
I am also an avid player of one Star Trek game, Birth of the Federation and the mods (I actually made a Milky Way galaxy mod for my own enjoyment) created for Space Empires IV.

As I'm from Eastern Europe and from a former communist country, we had no idea about Star Trek until around 1992 when they started to broadcast TNG. Several years after that TOS were also put on TV channel. Then came the first seasons of Voy and DS9. Obviously with modern computers came the availability of series on a more regular basis. As for books, there were no translations of ST books in romanian, but I like to read in english anyway, so that's definitely not an issue for me.
As I see plenty of introductions place a favorite episode, I'm going to do it as well, but with a note that I am truly addicted to the mirror universe idea in Star Trek. Those episodes have always been different from all the others.
So for TOS, "Mirror, Mirror"
For Enterprise "In a Mirror Darkly" (both of them)
For TNG "Relics"
For Voy "Year of Hell" (both of them)
For DS9 "Crossover"
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