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Let's face it guys. There is no tangible evidence that intelligent life exists outside this planet. I will say that given the sheer number of stars in this galaxy and the sheer number of galaxies in the universe that the odds favor life evolving elsewhere. But there's really no way to prove it one way or the other at this time. Or if it would even be anything like us. Just imagine what an evolutionary advantage we humans have, possessing interposable thumbs for example. To say nothing of how differently intelligent beings evolving under different circumstances would view the world as opposed to us.

This is a rather circular debate to have. If there are aliens out there, then how come only rednecks and scifi fanatics see them? :P
The laws of mathematics and statistics say there must be much alien life out there.

And the laws of physics say they pretty much can damn well stay out there.

While the laws of common sense say they'd have no reason to come here when they don't know there's a here to come to...
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