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Re: Farscape... I am liking this series...

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l've never seen it, but l blind-bought the first season on blu-ray a while back. l'm hoping its gonna be good, but from what l hear it has a lot of Muppet action. Hmmm...

It does not have Muppet action. It has action by animatronic characters that were created and designed by the Jim Henson Muppet Company. That's a very different thing.

And if you give it even a little bit of a chance, you will see that those animatronic characters are better performed and more interesting than half the flesh-and-blood characters on some other shows I could name. In fact, by at least the end of the first season and probably a lot sooner, you won't even notice they are animatronic characters anymore.

Sweet. l didn't mean to seem so disconcerted about the "muppet action". l'm actually a big fan of animatronics and old-school effects, and would prefer these over any sort of CGI type assiness. Gonna have to check this out soon.
The two animatronic main characters, Rygel and Pilot, are IMO two of the show's best characters.
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