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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film


S01-E Hoping to get the music for "Miscommunication" any time now.

S01-F Finishing up "The Engineer's New Clothes" and will be turning it over to the VFX for any final touches. And then it's off for scoring and sound effects.

S01-G Supposed to meet with an artist about a couple of matte shots for "Archway" this coming week. Hopefully we'll have this one wrapped by summer.

S01-H "Devil in the Details" is in the hands of a VFX artist right now. Hopefully we'll have it ready soon.

S01-2 About to get serious on "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" with the same artist doing the mattes for "Archway." We NEED VFX artists. If you or any one you know might be interested, please have them contact me. The more VFX artists we put on this project, the sooner it will be ready for release.

S02-A Have turned over rough cut for "Duty Bound" to Rick Foxx for editing.

S02-B Have done same for rough cut of "Darkness." Chris Cameron is eager to work on "Darkness."

S02-C Have turned over footage of "Second Contact" to Rick Foxx for editing.

S02-D Going to scout locations for "Ashes" in Americus on Sunday afternoon. This one should shoot as soon as I line up a day and see who's available to shoot in July.

S02-E Same artist to deal with "Red Sky at Night." This one will shoot as soon as we get the final set done. We will need a 40-60 year old actor, good physical condition, no facial hair, to play an old friend of Captain Grigory. This should shoot in August.

S02-F Have discussed costuming needs for "Beach Towel" with Sara Higgins Mackenzie. (She's also working on getting Abby Evans' new uniform shirt.) Probably going to have recast Carter Winston's role. Anyone interested should contact me. Actor should be 40+ and have a nice moustache. I'm hoping for a September shoot.

S02-G Have decided on the Ft. Gaines' watchtower fort at the Frontier Village for the setting of "The Shovel of Kahless." We've already cast a few people for this episode. I'm hoping for a October shoot. We are soliciting Klingons for extras.

S02-2 Have decided on the Ft. Gaines' frontier village proper for the prospective episode, "Two Worlds," being written by Chris Coleman's dad, Ray. We will be soliciting local folks in Ft. Gaines for a November shoot. This episode will be shot over a Friday and Saturday, depending on the availability of cast members.

In addition to these eight productions for the second season, we are looking at two additional scripts, but would be glad to consider anything anyone is interested in submitting.

That pretty much sums up things. Real life is always an impediment. The availability of our cast members and production crew will affect the scheduling, no doubt, and the likelihood we'll stick to this tentative itinerary is nill.
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