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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

44. Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter: B-
45. Brave: B+
46. Kill Bill vol.1: A-
47. Kill Bill vol.2: B
48. The Amazing Spider-man: B-

Brave - cute Pixar addition to the library but it's for sure a kids movie. The film isn't laced with a fair number of slight adult jokes that would go over kids heads. I enjoyed the score, both vocals and instrumental.

Kill Bill vol.1 - yeah, I never saw this and with Django Unchained looming I felt it time to get these Tarrantino films watched. I felt the opening volume was stronger, tighter and flowed much better. Strong film all things being equal.

Kill Bill vol.2 - felt this was more uneven. Frankly I felt my interest waning during certain parts. The Bride ripping out Black Mamba's last eye though--that was gold! Felt the actual "death" of Bill was anti-climatic.

The Amazing Spider-man: my full thoughts are here in the discussion thread. Structurally this film is flawed from the screenplay through to the edit bay. What saves my grade from dipping into the C range is that Emma Stone and Dennis Leary are great. The action scenes are well done and easy enough to follow (no Micheal Bay stuff here) and the music score is pretty good. Stacked next to each other though the 2002 Raimi film beats this in terms of straight up screenplay, pacing, character depth etc, etc. Forget adaptation it's just a better overall movie.
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