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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

The movie certainly could have used some tighter editing and maybe even a couple watch-through to ensure all of the details are closed up. What DID happen to Dr. Connor's boss? We never see him again after the bridge scene!

Why was Capt. Stacy so gung-ho over getting Spider-Man? There was just a large attack on a major NYC bridge, you have hundreds of witnesses talking about a large lizard-creature and then a bunch of people telling the story of S-M saving the boy in the car but even after all of that Spider-Man is Public Enemy #1?!

They know Lizard is attacking the city and releasing the toxin and Stacy's concern is all on Spider-Man?! The hell?!

And all Spider-Man is "guilty of" at this point are "random acts of kindness" in stopping muggers and car thieves with no mention of a private person being injured. Stacy tries to explain this by saying that Spider-Man had disturbed a long-running operation to stop a car-thieving ring. But if Joe Public had stopped that car thief would he be considered Public Enemy #1 for stopping a crime that happened to be linked to a larger operation?

A lot in this movie was odd or forced. I enjoyed it but only because the cast really made it look but the story is messy. And the hokey scene with the crane-operators was just... ugh.

Suddenly Spider-Man can make a straight-swing to the building, he web-shoots his wound and then after that it's all pretty much okay. It never bothers him again. I also think it would have been nice to get a good "establishing shot" of Peter doing the "devil horns" sign to activate the web shooters. You can see him doing it in a couple shots but it's never really shown good and clear.

And I couldn't watch his first encounter with the street muggers without thinking "Peter Parkour."
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