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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I also take issue with the rush to reveal who he was. He really hadn't even established that himself yet frankly.
Yeah. I thought him basically telling Gwen who he is for no real reason was silly. They also omitted any mention of where the name Spider-Man came from. The first scene it is mentioned is when he reveals to Gwen that he's the vigilante, and she just blurts out "you're Spider-Man?" Ummm...
Peter's webbing. So is it Oscorp micro filament or did you make it?
Oscorp made the filament, he made the web slingers. I viewed it as a compromise between showing Peter to be an intelligent person while avoiding the unbelievably of him inventing the webbing all on his own.
The fight at the high school served what end? At one point did Connors go vendetta crazy?
He wasn't exactly thinking rationally at that point.

Hell, as the Lizard he was trying to stop Osborne's stooge from doing random tests at the VA for crying out loud. Then 45 minutes later he suddenly wants to turn NYC into one big Lizard Lounge? WTF??
I got the impression he was going after the guy as revenge for forcing him into testing the serum on himself. It may have started with him wanting to stop the tests at the VA, but that clearly wasn't his motivation once he turned into a dinosaur.
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