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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Discounting any type of anal review about how close it is to the comics, 616 or Ultimate, this film has structural and pacing issues that make it less than desirable. Things happen in the film just to move the story along. It does not feel like sequences move in a fluid manner from one to the other.

For all the issues I had going in from the trailers the idea of doing the origin again was one of them. While I have some issues with that sequence(a bunch of spiders dumping on him) the opening origin hour mid way through Act II is the tightest part of the movie imo. I highly, highly, highly take fault that one of the greatest catch phrases in comicdom is omitted: WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. I'm actually fine with tweaking just how Ben gets killed cause it's his death via Peter's inaction that is important. Not if it's a home invasion or car burglary etc.
I also take issue with the prolonged vengeance hunt by Peter to find the burglar with the star tattoo. It seems that is also going to carry over throughout the trilogy.
I say that both Flash Thompsons get an A for being quality douche bags though.

The lack of Curt Connors family in the movie is a sad omission. Connors having the family is what largely separates him from being just another scientist gone gonzo. The fact that that was the interpretation they went with is just more proof they should've stayed in the Raimi-verse. At least that cliche was already established and begrudgingly accepted.

Keeping in mind when you watch a film of certain types you have to suspend some logic. However, certain things still have to make sense. Like I get peoples issue with Black Widow and her 9mm as a point. Likewise, in this film there is no way, none at all, that a high school intern(police chiefs daughter or not) has access to lab equipment not only after hours BUT has codes to various equipment. If she did they would be tied to time access.
Really Gwen being the first girlfriend squeeze is the only thing they got exactly right where the Raimi film didn't. The only thing. I also take issue with the rush to reveal who he was. He really hadn't even established that himself yet frankly. That reveal could've waited but they felt the need to include Gwen in the action montage at the end for the formula. A better result would've been to have Peter creating a cure out of Connors sewer lab.

Peter's webbing. So is it Oscorp micro filament or did you make it? We see him opening and experimenting with cases he ordered AND he tells the car thief "it's something I created", so which is it? If a bunch of Oscorp, commercially available micro filament is out there it doesn't take the dark knight to figure out where large quantities are going that don't match a user profile for the stuff. Also, why aren't the cops using this as well? Screw tasers.

The all to convenient "NY loves you Spider-man" moment. Yes the foreman is the one who's son was saved by Spider-man but nothing is done for a rally cry moment "Spider-man needs our help guys, let's make sure he gets it. Line those cranes up for him". A weak attempt to recreate the ferry scene from the Raimi film.

The fight at the high school served what end? At one point did Connors go vendetta crazy? If Parker were at school using the Chem lab to whip up an antidote then fine but going after him at that point, in that location made no sense to a character who had been shown to be still in his right mind. Which gets us to the sudden lame mustache twirling excuse to turn all of NY into Lizard town. It's like a Avi Arad saw that in mag and just insisted that element had to be in the film. There are just massive missteps in logic on Connors part for why he's suddenly doing things. Hell, as the Lizard he was trying to stop Osborne's stooge from doing random tests at the VA for crying out loud. Then 45 minutes later he suddenly wants to turn NYC into one big Lizard Lounge? WTF??

Dennis Leary stole every scene he was in during the film. Him dying is a true comic element and I hated seeing him go so soon. The one "hurry up lets create Team Spidey" moment was the reveal Peter=Spidey...and oh, by the way if you don't let me go Gwen may die routine. Of course it also sets up the promise he wants Peter to take about distancing himself from Gwen. However we all know where that's going.

Was I the only one who felt like after Gwen visited Peter on the porch after her fathers funeral that the film just couldn't find a way to end? I felt like it was trying to end 2-3 times in the lat 5-7 minutes.
Also, was anyone besides me NOT teased by the prison visitation scene mid-credits?

The Raimi origin film is just head and shoulders above this one as a complete film.

I will say one thing for this film: at times it gave me a touch of vertigo. The final fight on top of Oscorp Tower made me feel like Peter Jackson's take on Kong's last stand on the Empire State Building.
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