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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I was informed that I wanted to see this in the theater.

The tendency to do things more than once was tiresome. Peter Parker must be a hero because of guilt over how he lost Uncle Ben and because he was responsible for Connors becoming the Lizard. Not twice as impressive, but half. Unmasking for Jack, the Lizard and Stacy. Not three times as impressive, one third. His parents are killed by Connors and Osborn. If that many people disliked them, maybe they weren't really very nice people? You ever think of that, huh?

The tendency to very briefly pause for Spidey to copy action panels from the comics was a not really helpful. As a comic book movie, you go in prepared to work very hard at willing suspension of disbelief. But a spider making the tennis shoes stick to a subway car ceiling was pretty rough. Having an endless supply of webbing in those dinky little writlets after an infodump clearly highlights the impossibility is even rougher. I suppose the director didn't understand the dialogue.

The laying of pipe to deliver the sequels was tiresome.

But most of all I think, the fact that Peter Parker is such a liar (and only really articulate when he lies) is a little bit unpleasant, something that you don't really want in a Spiderman flick.

The score was excellent. Horner is widely despised for some reason, but his score really sold the cranes sequence, which for me engaged enough emotion to turn the movie, despite its problems, into a win. The setup was clumsy as hell and the whole thing was corny as hell. Still worked for me.
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