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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Yminale wrote: View Post
A couple more thoughts on on the WTF scientists.

First I reiterate that there is no proof that these so called scientist are real scientist. They still could be mercenaries/security and the Prometheus may have been secretly armed but only Weyland or David knew the full extant (they were able to hide a very old billionaire).
I'm not sure why you think that mercenaries who run like scared children at the sight of a 2,000 year old dead body, get lost while in possession of mapping robots and an active comlink, and play pull my finger with space cobras is somehow a significant improvement. You've just substituted two people who really suck at their jobs and behave irrationally with two more people who really suck at their jobs and behave irrationally, with the added suckiness of them now leaving the very people they were supposed to protect or observe if they were mercs.

Also, Prometheus had armed security personnel (mercenaries) who identified themselves as such and were going to accompany the scientists into the temple with guns until Drs. Shaw and Holloway gave the order not to. They were the guys who were shooting at zombie Fifield later on in the movie. So, why do Shaggy and Scooby need to be mercenaries too?

Second, these people may literally be the bottom of the barrel. Like today, maybe people in the future don't take the idea of Ancient Alien seriously. Even if you offered them a ton of money most competent scientists aren't going to risk their reputations.
The Blunder Twins (Millburn and Fifield) didn't know they were dealing with ancient astronauts until they had already arrived at LV-223. It played no part in their decision to go on the mission, and in Fifield's case, he explicitly said he was in it for the money.

I also would think that recruiting competent scientists for what is at this point a revolutionary space mission to another world -- even if you leave aside the whole alien aspect -- should be no trouble at all. Realistically, people would be jumping at the chance.

Third, there is mental diagnosis called Adjustment disorder which is basically the inability to deal with new circumstances. Most cases lead to a temporary depression but in a few extreme cases it can lead to psychosis. Plus who knows what hibernation does to the mind.
None of this makes sense when you have the CEO of the company who is a true believer along for the ride. You don't choose psychologically unstable incompetents for key positions on the extremely risky and groundbreaking mission you are also going on. They tend to hire experienced personnel and then rigorously test for these kinds of psychological problems with endless simulation, medical testing, and psych profiles. Can people slip through the cracks? Sure, but that's extremely rare.

As far as the hibernation goes, that's a possibility, but it just seems like you keep grasping at straws to try and explain what were really just terribly written characters.

Set Harth wrote: View Post
If only he would drop dead before he ruins Blade Runner.
Set Harth wrote: View Post
Trust me, if there was a number I could call, I'd already be on it.

Even with my disappointment with Prometheus and Scott's rather lackluster films of the past several years, I'm still looking forward to seeing what he plans to do with the new Blade Runner movie (although I won't get my hopes up so much like I did this time). I know some people feel that disappointing sequels/prequels/remakes take away from the source material, but that stuff doesn't diminish my enjoyment of the originals. I still love the Star Wars OT (pre-alteration versions) just as much as I did before the Prequels came along. And for all its many faults, I do appreciate the amount of new material and discussion Prometheus has infused the Alien universe with. I've done more reading and theorizing on the Alien franchise since Prometheus came out than I've done in twenty years.
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