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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Star Trek Nemesis went on to gross 2 billion dollars at the box office and Star Trek now surpasses Star Wars as the most successful and well known franchises in the world.
Star Trek Nemesis, or all Star Trek movies combined? I ask because the last time I checked, Nemesis made over $43 million domestically, combined total of $67 million worldwide, a far cry from $2 billion

Clearly he meant Nemesis on it's own. I don't care about the $43 million domestic Nemesis made. What matters is the $2 billion world wide Nemesis made in it's original theatrical run. Nemesis was the greatest film achievement of all time, and it's box office tally reflects that. Every decision the film makers made in that film were absolutely correct. But Nemesis's lasting legacy was it's sequels. Just as Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and Voyage Home are often referred to as the "Genesis Trilogy" Nemesis and it's sequels are often called the "Exodus Trilogy".

Another incredibly feat achieved by Berman, Barid, and Logan, was the almost Lord of the Rings like way each movie in the Exodus trilogy surpassed it's predecessor. As we all know, Nemesis (2002) made $2 billion, it's sequel The Search for Data (2004) grossed $2.5 billion and the final Star Trek XII So Very Tired (2006) made an absolutely unbelievable $3 Billion.

As perfect as Nemesis was, each movie after it was even more perfect-er. My only complaint was the 1 hour and 5 minute sequence in The Search for Data where Picard, Worf and B4 drive the Argo around an arctic planet looking for Data's scattered pieces while shooting the local inhabitants. After he landed on it after he got blown up on the Scimitar. As cool as that sequence was I think it could have been shortened to about 45 minutes. But I appreciate the subtle way they brought Data back, just like they found B4 in pieces driving on a desert planet. They found Data in pieces driving on a arctic planet. Like George Lucas would say "it's like poetry it rhymes."

The only bad thing that happened was due to the massive success by the "Exodus Trilogy" Rick Berman achieved so much acclaim he ascended to higher plain of existence where he now lives as a state of pure energy as an almost Q-God like super being. Which meant that someone had to take over the Star Trek franchise. So J.J. Abrams took over and his only attempt at a Star Trek film was a complete failure. It was widely panned by critics and made by far the least amount of any Star Trek movie at the box office. But because Berman, the film making god he literally is, is unavailable, what with being a god and all. And Sturat Barid, after his success with three Star Trek movies realized he would never achieve that level of success again, retired from Directing. J.J. Abrams is all thatís available for the next movie.

I only hope J.J. doesnít completely ruin the Trek franchise and make everyone forget the record breaking success the last three TNG films had.
Wellp, know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em. You've convinced me, and I stand corrected!
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