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I just watched "Identity" courtesy of On Demand cable, and it was pretty good, with some strong character stuff and a couple of interesting guest characters. The bad guy, amusingly named Cobol, looked kinda like a cross between Lee J. Cobb and Alan Tudyk. Lux was a nicely designed character herself, and it was nice to see another program in white.

One thing, though -- if the identity discs are so critical to keep with you, then why are they so easy to steal? You'd think that either they'd be kept someplace easier to keep an eye on than behind your back, or that there'd be a locking mechanism to keep anyone but their owners from removing them. At least you'd think the programs could feel the removal of their discs, since they're theoretically part of themselves rather than just something worn on the back as they would be for a human. Okay, maybe the thief had some kind of special trick he used that overrode Beck's disc lock and numbed the area so he couldn't feel the theft, but the way it was presented, it just seemed like anybody could walk up and steal anyone's memory and identity as easily as lifting a wallet.
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