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My second idea for the next Trek series was to go back to the late 23rd Century and revisit the U.S.S. Enterprise-B, with things kicking off on the one year anniversary of the ship's fateful maiden voyage:

Captain John R. Harriman is still in command and working hard to prove himself (I gave him the middle inital of R after Kirk's original name, it stands for Richard).
Commander Suri Kitharu zh'Tharis is Harriman's long-time friend and strong right hand. She missed the maiden voyage, finishing off her tour on the Miranda.
Commander Xam Ra-Gehanii is the Chief Engineer and knows the ship better than anyone. He doesn't believe Harriman is suited for command (they often clash).
Lt. Commander Leon Matheson is the Comm/Diplomatic Officer, he came aboard after the maiden voyage, after his predecessor asked for reassignment.
Lt. Commander T'Lana, along with the rest of her medical staff, didn't arrive until Tuesday. Brilliant but distant, her skills more than make up for her lack of a bedside manner.
Lieutenant Ellen Garrett has been the Chief Science Officer since the maiden voyage (she is the future aunt of Rachel Garrett).
Lieutenant Warren Okonedo mans Tactical on the Bridge. He has served under Harriman before and knows he is a true leader (Tim Russ' unnamed character in Generations).
Lieutenant Ky Vehr is the ship's new Security Chief, who takes his duties seriously. He has had to put up with a lot during his career, due to his heritage.
Lieutenant JG Nyeth assumed the post of Navigator after the original officer was killed in action. Alluring and flirty, he is however as sharp as they come.
Ensign Demora Sulu carrys on her father's reputation as a top-notch Helm Officer. Young, enthusiastic and eager she wants to come out from her father's shadow.

Seeing as how GEN was made back in 1994 the characters would need to be recast, I have a couple actors in mind for who I'd like to see, the others are a blank canvas.
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