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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Peter Parker is an above average high-school student (apparently) going to an Advanced Placement high-school for the science curriculum. (Maybe, it was hard to tell as it was called a "science school" but also had your usual high school shenanigans going on it) and the twitchy, nerdy, outcast.
So he's what then the King Nerd of all NERDS?
Essentially even the "dumb" jocks at Nerd high are AP student caliber material then?

Until I see it tomorrow I'll reserve full judgement but just this type description piles onto the reasons why you don't tinker with an already perfect origin OR retell it again so soon when it was done so recently and that one adhered so closely to the perfect original origin.
What's the issue, exactly? Peter's supposed to be a great student; that's the kind of school he'd want to go to, if it was available, which it is in major cities.

Anyway, I liked it overall. It was clearly doing some things differently for the sake of being a little different than the first Raimi movie because it's hitting a lot of the same beats, but it gets better as it goes along. Strong acting from the principals (probably better than the original cast, in a number of instances; Martin Sheen, notably, probably also Garfield and Stone), and I can identify a number of things that I like better than Raimi formula that became wearisome over three movies (like not having saving the girl be a major part of the climax, and giving her a bit more of a role; and the little things with Flash were excellent).

It lacks some of the iconic images the first film had, but then, the first film already did those images, so they were working against that from the get-go.
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