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Re: Tom Paris - awesome or vastly underused?

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A nurse today has more medical training/knowledge than a doctor in the 19th century.

A 24th century nurse would mostly likely have more medical training/knowledge than a doctor in the 20th century.
But the fact still holds true that not all medical doctors are trained surgeons.
Even a comedy like SCRUBS made us aware there's a difference in skill between a medical doctor and a surgeon. Even in our time it depends on the doctor's area of study, if he's trained in surgery or not. Even if Tom and Kes had the knowledge of a 20th century medical doctor, they'd still be giving you a referral to a surgeon if you required it.

If Tom or Kes had the skill of surgeon the dilemma in "Latent Image" wouldn't have happened. There would have been 3 people on the ship capable of performing the operation. Instead Tom stood by helpless as he watched the EMH make his choice on who to save.
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