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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

^Well, it was made in the '40s. It's cool to see a young Keye Luke, but I wish they hadn't made him do the stereotypical "Oriental" accent where Ls are pronounced like Rs -- especially since they made him Korean (a language that doesn't even have a R sound per se).

Mixed feelings about the Green Hornet serial so far. It's interesting to see the ways in which it laid the foundation for the Van Williams TV series (and for the recent movie, with the bit about Britt wanting to prove to his father that he wasn't a useless playboy -- a single throwaway line that basically became the movie's whole plot). And for other things too -- its opening recap crawls were of the type that inspired the ones in Star Wars (though I doubt it was the only serial to do that "receding" crawl). But it's a bit unfocused in story terms; it seems the GH isn't so much deliberately creating a reputation as a racketeer as stumbling into it while trying to be a hero. And the cliffhangers are rather boringly resolved -- the one bridging episodes 2 & 3 was a complete fakeout.
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