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Re: True or False: Dear Dr. is most morally bankrupt trek episode evar

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Why do you keep bringing up Starfleet, and what Picard would do, and the Prime Directive, none of these things exist, and Phlox is not a member of Archer's Organization that gives him his orders. He is a Cultural Exchange participant, who Archer invited along for the ride requesting he serve as the ship's Doctor, no different than T'Pol's situation as an Observer
Because he is working on a Star Fleet ship and thus is subject to Star Fleet rules and regulations. If someone is visiting another country and they break the laws of that country, trying to argue that the illegal act in question is okay in their culture would not save them from legal punishment.
How can he be working on a Starfleet ship, when there is no such thing as starfleet?
So are we to assume that Archer's ship there are no rules and regulations and anyone can do what they feel like?
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